Minecraft, Holidays & Creative Fun: Your MacKID Event Picks This Week

All your family fun Dec 6-12

December 5, 2023

Avoid cabin fever this week. We've rounded up a herd of free events that will have kids exploring everything from Minecraft in space to Hallmark greeting cards. Here's what you don't want to miss December 6-12:

1.  Put Your Minecraft Skills to the NASA Test

It's Computer Science Education Week (yep, a real thing) and time to celebrate by joining NASA and Minecraft to hear inspiring stories and learn how to create your own space adventure with Minecraft Artemis Missions.  Dec. 7

2. Learn All About Kwanzaa

Tis the season to learn about this African American and pan-African holiday that celebrates family, community, and culture — a trio of ideas we can definitely get behind. Dec. 8

Wondering where your local events are?

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3. Create a Festive Photo Frame

Head to your local JCPenney store for some crafty fun. Kids can make a gingerbread house or truck-themed photo frame, aka the perfect grandparent gift. Dec. 9

4. Storytime with the National Postal Museum

If the mail carrier is a household hero around your place, then a postal-themed storytime with the mail professionals is a guaranteed hit. Dec. 11

5. Make Art with a Hallmark Master Artist

Get the creative juices flowing and create some share-worthy messages with a Hallmark master. Take those holiday cards up a notch this year. Dec. 12